Rules And Regulations


  1. Student must be in their class room by the first bell.Those who arrive earlier must maintain perfect silence.
  2. Late-comers should get the ‘late note’ signed by the the Principal before they enter the class.
  3. No student shall leave the school premises during school hours without Principal’s permission.He/She shall not be sent home without the written request by the parent /guardian in the prescribed form in the school diary.
  4. A student absent from the class due to illness or other circumstance should explain the reason for absence in the leave record in the school diary signed by parent/guardian.After 15 consecutive days of absence their names will be removed if the reason for absence is not reported.
  5. Attendance at all official school function including orientation talks ,sports day,school annual day mandatory.Absence from class test papers ,examination and activities which are part of the school based assessment and other programs,without the prior permission of the principal will be considered a serious breach of school discipline.
  6. Students are not permitted to purchase anything from shop outside without the prior consent and knowledge of the school authorities.
  7. No student shall contact or be contacted over phone or in person without prior permission of the principal.
  8. Students of one class are not permitted to enter other classrooms without the permission of the class teacher.
  9. The classrooms and the school premises should always be kept neat and clean.Scribbling on walls and furniture is strictly prohibited.Students should see that no damages is done to school property.
  10. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.The schools is not responsible for the loss of any articles of the students.Name and class of the students should be marked on all their belongings.
  11. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles to school and make exchange of articles or money,ornaments etc. Gold ornaments are not allowed for wear in school.
  12. Discourtesy towards any member of the staff or any act,which affects the discipline will be seriously viewed.
  13. Principal’s permission is required:-
    For any kind of money collection.
    To take part in any competition or activities conducted by an external agency.
    To form association and to distribute literature of any kind.
  14. Irregular attendance,disobedience,objectionable moral influence and misconduct in and outside the class room justify the dismissal of student from the school.
  15. Running,playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.When passing along the corridors during class hours,students shall keep silence.When students move along the corridors to another class or while going up and coming down the staircase,the rule is ‘keep left’.
  16. Catholic students ought to attend the first Friday Holy mass.
  17. Read newspapers and note down important news everyday.
  18. School diary should be brought to the school every day.
  19. Speaking English is compulsory at the school,its premises and in the school bus.